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About Us

     Praise the Lord! Welcome to the "Jesus Is The key" website. Our main goal on this site is to portray to you that Christ is the key to salvation. There is no alternate route. We are all going to land in one of two places. Our final destination is either heaven or hell. God has given us the choice, and now it is up to us to make the correct decision. God wants us to choose heaven instead of hell, life instead of death. That is the very reason he gave his son for us. God loved us so much that he gave us his one and only son as a ransom for our iniquities. Because of what Jesus did, we have a shot at salvation. We didn't deserve it, but God in his mercy looked down on us with kindness
     We are a team of committed people, hoping that you find the key to unlock the door to eternal life. We encourage you to read God's Word, and pray daily. The Bible has an answer to every single question, and a solution to every problem. Prayer is also very important. Bible reading and prayer go hand in hand. Someone once  said that the distance between a problem and a solution is from our knees to the ground. If we are willing to beg God for an answer to our problems, he will surely hear our prayer.
     Remember, Jesus is the key to heaven, and by believing in him we unlock the door to eternal life. The road to heaven is narrow, and filled with troubles, persecutions, sorrows, and temptations, but if we look to God for help, he will deliver us from these problems and set our feet upon a solid rock. By believing in Jesus Christ as our lord and savior, we win our ticket to heaven. Remember that the day is near, and not to dirty your robes! Keep them white as snow, and keep your lamps burning until the day of the Lord!

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