Abortion has been a very controversial issue for a very long time.  Two groups have evolved into being during this very long time. They call themselves pro-life or pro-choice.
  1. Pro-life- Pro-life is the category that people are put into if they disagree with abortion. Their name means that they are for life, and not for "a heinous crime known as abortion." People in this category believe that abortion is a murder and that it should be illegal.
  2. Pro-choice-Pro-choice is the category people are put into if they agree with abortion. Their name means that they are for a woman's right to choose. They argue that the baby is inside the woman and she should be the one who decided whether to give life to the child or not. They counterattack the argument that abortion is murder by saying that the baby does not enter into life until a certain stage, and abortion should be allowed before that stage. This is not true, because God put life there, and if God does something you are not supposed to against it.

  Which side are you on? Be very careful in choosing your answer. We, as Christians, should understand that God is the creator of life and that we should not try to block his plans. And, as for the people who are pro-choice, they must understand that they were once a choice. They got to see the world and enjoy it so the new life waiting to see the world should not deserve any less. Who knows who the new life will become? Maybe a great leader, or a great inventor. Maybe the one who finds a cure for cancer. But if they are murdered through abortion  we will miss out on their contributions to society. So choose life, not death. Deutronomy 30:19 says,"This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses.Now choose life, so that you and your children may live."