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  Welcome to the video section of "Jesus Is The Key." Here are some videos, some with a message, some that inspire, and still yet some that are made for the pure joy of entertainment. For these same videos and much more, please visit
Vishwas ke saath- This is a video of a hindi song, which, when translated, means: "I see by faith, the parting of the red sea before me."
Where Shall I Be When The First Trumpet sounds- This is a song that expresses a very good point. Where will you be when it sounds? This is a good question to cogitate on, and it is conducive to abjuring sin.
This a song which has been past down through the ages. How sweet the sound of Amazing grace. This version is just a soundtrack.
Nannial En Ullam Pongunne- This song, which is just music, means that our soul is lifted with thanksgiving to God when we remember God's grace.
Presence-This son is by the Newsboys. It expresses the fact that we long to be in God's presence.
When will we get to heaven? That is the point that this song expresses. We will get to heaven when Jesus comes.
Don't be an international blower! An international blower is someone who goes ahead and tells the whole world about someone else. In other words, an international blower is a gossiper. God is not a fan of gossip, so keep your mouth clean and be careful what you say. If you don't have anything to say, don't say nothing.
A song about a math lesson. As a christian, I believe that it's good to teach others what I know. In this way, God will bless me with more knowledge. So here is a video about the quadratic formula.